The best free activities in Barcelona

While passing through the town of Gaudí, there are many activities that will allow you to (re)discover the town.

Whether you are a tourist or a student doing an internship abroad, there is a lot to do in the city without having to pay. Here is our selection of the 10 best free activities in Barcelona :

Walking along Las Ramblas

Famous avenue crossing the heart of the city, it is often the first stop for tourists. It is 1.2 km long and is dotted with small shops. The small adjacent streets give you a first glimpse of Barcelona\’s charm. Passage is a must and free, for all visitors to the city.

Stroll through the alleys of La Boquería

Once on La Rambla, you will be able to see in the centre of the Rambla a famous covered market: La Boquería. Open every day except Sunday from 8am to 8pm, it is free and will allow you to discover all the flavours of Barcelona. From fruit to ham, fish and dried fruit, this market of a thousand colours and a thousand scents will delight you, whatever your taste. It is probably one of the best free activities in Barcelona, enjoy it with friends or family !

Relaxing in one of the many parks in the city

Barcelona has many parks within the city and despite the fact that some of them are not free, the majority are open and free to the public. Among the must-see parks, we have selected the Ciutadella Park, Poblenou Park and the numerous gardens of Montjuïc. Ciutadella is one of Barcelona\’s most famous parks. It is one of the largest and is home to a waterfall, a zoo and a museum. Relaxation guaranteed! You can also go for free in the Park Guëll even if some parts are not free. You can just have a walk between the olive trees and the mimosa, enough to feel in Provence and out of town for a moment.

Watching the magic fountain show

On the mountain of Montjuïc is the magic fountain. In addition to being an emblematic place in Barcelona and particularly popular with tourists, the fountain provides an incredible sound and light show almost all year round. The music changes every night, so don\’t hesitate to come back a second time even if you’ve already been to one of them.

Admire the Barcelona Arc de Triomf

Built in 1888 for the Universal Exhibition  it was the gateway to the fair leading to the heart of Ciutadella Park. Built with classical proportions, it has, however, subtle finishes and decorations that are worth the detour.

Going to las arenas shopping center

You\’re probably wondering why a mall would be listed in an article talking about the best free activities in Barcelona. Las Arenas is not a classic shopping mall. It is located in a former bullring. When bullfighting was banned in 2010, the government decided to turn these arenas into a shopping centre. The outside structure has not been touched, so it\’s definitely worth it to stop and admire it. You will even be able to enjoy a rooftop terrace that allows an almost 360 degree view of the Plaça Espanya.

Walk to Tibidabo

If you want to enjoy a sunny day, have a walk and go to Tibidabo.

For the most courageous it is indeed possible to bypass the cable car option (paying) and walk. It climbs but it\’s worth it, the smell of the pines, the country aspect so close to the city, the reward of the view on arrival. Spend a great day with family or friends on the way up to the magnificent tibidabo monument. There is a vintage amusement park with an incredible view of Barcelona, and of course the huge Sagrat Cor church with its famous statue of the Sacred Heart. Be curious and keep your eyes open: Tibidabo can be seen from many streets of the city or from the rooftops.

Visit museums for free

One of the most popular free activities: Barcelona is full of museums. In this article you can find our selection of the best museums in the city. And most of them are not free. There are, however, times when the museums open their doors for free. Some are free on Sundays from 3pm to 8pm. Others on the first Wednesday or Saturday of the month, just ask about the one you\’re interested in. Among our selection, the Picasso Museum and the Maritime Museum are free every Sunday from 3pm and the first Sunday of each month.

Lounging by the sea

Barcelona has no less than 4.5 km of beach. And with 5 beaches with different atmospheres, there will be something for everyone. The famous Barceloneta is festive and young, Nova Icaria is family-friendly and Bogatell is natural. The ideal is still to go along the beach to find the spot that will delight you the most.

Walking along Passeig de Gràcia

This 1.6 km long avenue is one of the most important in the city. It has no less than 23 listed buildings whose exteriors you can appreciate. Including the famous buildings by the architect Gaudí. The best thing to do is to let your feet guide you and admire the many buildings with impressive architecture

Make a stop at the Library of Catalonia

In addition to its important collection of books and documents, since this library was established in Barcelona, it has been designated as the guardian of the bibliographic production of Catalonia, it acquired in 1931 the 15th century buildings of the former hospital of Santa Creu. The room now used as a library for the public was formerly the hospital wards. This jewel of Gothic architecture and history deserves to be seen, while remaining silent of course.

Now you know all the good addresses and best free activities to make your stay in Barcelona an unforgettable one at a low price!

You can now discover the city knowing all the best free activities in Barcelona. Even if you’re practically spending your entire budget on rent. You can read more about our destinations here  or discover our offers of internships here.