How to work efficiently from home ?

Due to social distancing, a lot of people have to do their work from home. How to get organized, be efficient and not lose motivation? Come & Go tells you everything to be efficient !

1. Keep yourself to regular work hours

If you want to work efficiently from home, you have to keep yourself to regular work hours. This will prevent you from getting distracted or feeling like you\’re working all the time (but actually never). You can keep your usual office hours except that you will have the extra travel time to sleep! But don\’t succumb to the call of late morning sleep and keep those relaxing moments for the weekend. Scheduling will allow you to be more efficient because you\’ll know that you\’ll be working for three hours straight and then have time for yourself with a break. Don\’t fall into the trap of working from time to time which will not give you a real long break and will not push you to work to your best ability.

Moreover you should work at the times of day when you’re most productive. For instance if you think you’re more efficient on the morning and that you need distraction on the afternoon : work more in the morning. As long as your boss can join you and as long as you do your work, you can work more or less when you want. So the first thing you have to do is to fix regular hours.

2. Keep work time and personal time separate

The risk is twofold in teleworking: not being efficient. Or, on the contrary letting work take over your whole personal life. To avoid these two extreme situations it is essential to separate the moments of personal life and the moments of work. This of course includes setting schedules as we said above, but also to really take advantage of the moments of break to spend time with family or call friends, loved ones. As usual in the office, you take breaks to enjoy your family, here it is the same. The moments of work must be real moments of efficiency, while the moments of personal time must be entirely dedicated to rest and to the family. Don’t extend the work day too far beyond what you planned, at the risk of burning yourself out.

3. Create an office environment to work efficiently from home

Sometimes it can be hard to work at home. Even more if your family is not working but is having fun. You have to create an office environment at home if you want to work efficiently from home. Because if you’re efficient you’ll work less hours but achieve your tasks. So do not forget to dress up in the morning to put yourself in a « work mood », the week-end is over and you are going to work efficiently. Moreover, try to isolate yourself and to work alone in a closed room. This environment will help you to be efficient and to use your time wisely. At the end of the day and during the wee-end, you can enjoy moments with your family and be in a « holidays mood ».

4. Make to-do lists to get organized

Last but not least, try to make to-do lists every day or every week to get organized. Once you wrote what you have to do, you can organize your day easily, by deciding which tasks you will do in the morning, and then the other tasks that will be for the afternoon. If you are efficient and finish your morning tasks earlier than expected, then you can give yourself a well-deserved break! With this method you will be sure not to forget anything. You will also work well in a rhythmic and organized week. Each day will be balanced and you will not find yourself overloaded with work on the Friday before your report to your boss for example!

You’ll have understood it, don\’t spend the day in pyjamas on your bed and in the middle of your family to be efficient in teleworking! Make to-do lists, organise yourself and create a work-friendly environment! You\’ll be faster and more efficient in carrying out your tasks, which will seem like child\’s play to you!

These were the best advices to be efficient at home, are you convinced ? If you have any questions about the importance of doing an internship, don’t hesitate to contact us at Or you can check our article about it:  the best reasons to do an internship.