The best reasons to do an internship

An internship ? But why ?

At one moment in your studies, you could be forced to do a internship during weeks or even during a whole semester. But don’t worry: it will be fine and really rewarding in the end. And if you don’t have to do one we invite you to take the initiative and to go ahead during holidays or a gap year, you won’t regret it ! Here are the best reasons to do an internship.


Among all the best reasons to do an internship, the personal experience seems to be the most important one. If you are thinking about doing an internship do it first of all for yourself and nobody else. Indeed, joining a firm, a team, a universe, you will soon realise what kind of work you prefer, what sector interest you the most. It is the best way to get to know more about yourself.

All the things students know about firms are prejudices, ideas about communicationmarketing,  entrepreneurship, management… Go ahead and follow your curiosity to discover an area, see how you work and what you prefer. There is nothing better than an internship to discover yourself and your capacities.

During your internship you can also live in a new city or even in a new country: internships abroad are always incredible because they allow you to discover a new life. With Come & Go you can find an internship in France, Cyprus, Spain and a lot of other European countries, but also out of Europe. You will live in a new place, meet new people and live totally differently. That kind of experience will change your personality, your ideas and even your life ! Because once the internship is over you will finally know who you are and, most of all, what you want or don’t want to do for the rest of your life.


Nowadays studies are getting longer and longer, and you spend all these years focused on theory, but what about the practice ? It is time to go out of your university for a while and try your capacities in the world of work. In fact you will probably learn more and faster than in your school because in an internship your are confronted to problems of daily life at work, issues that matter for the future of your company. Your professional training has to be improved by experiences at work, with a team, because you can’t ignore the real conditions of work. It will just make you learn a lot and facilitate your insertion in the labour world later.

Moreover, don’t forget that an internship is with professionals who have experience: they know their work better than anyone and they will pass on to you all the benefits they have gained from their past experiences. You are a student so don’t wait to gain experiences: take advantage of the study period to integrate gradually into the labour world. This will be a real plus for your studies !


It is not a secret anymore: experiences are highly valued by hiring recruiters. As we said before, doing an internship during your studies will help you for your first job research. If you want to get THE job and differentiate yourself from others, start now and prepare your future. If you will learn more with an internship, the practice is also a really good point to show how determinate and curious you are. If you look like a hard worker it will also encourage the recruiter to take an interest in your profile.

Don’t wait anymore and be the best of your school: no one will look at your grades before but experiences matters. The sooner you start the better it is !

These were the best reasons to do an internship, are you convinced ? In case of question or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us at We can find the internship that you are looking for and allow you to live this incredible experience.

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