Internship in Cyprus

In the eastern Mediterranean, in the heart of the Levantine basin, lies an island like no other: Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus attracts many companies thanks to its attractive tax system. With a postcard setting, it is the ideal place for an internship. Here is all the information you need to find an internship in Cyprus.

Search for an internship :

Legally there is no term strictly speaking for an internship in Cyprus. However, with the development of companies, more and more of them are recruiting students. After the crisis, Cyprus has resumed its economic growth, and the renewable energy and tourism sectors are now booming. So don't hesitate to look in Cyprus if you're looking in the hotel, restaurant or energy sectors.

As in most countries, the starting point for your search for an internship in Cyprus should be unsolicited applications. You can also start by contacting companies based on the island through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry directory on this page. In the right-hand side "Members Directory" you can search for a company by city in Cyprus or by sector of activity. You will then find information about the e-mail address, the director, or the telephone number. This directory allows you to search according to the field in which you want to work, which is a good point.

If you don't want to search by yourself you can of course go through an agency. Many of them offer internships in Cyprus and some of them even specialise in Cyprus. However, before you pay any fees, make sure that the agency is serious so that you do not end up in an internship where you would only be considered as free labour. You can also consult our offers or send us an email at to find out more about the internships we offer.

Most internships in Cyprus are unpaid. Indeed, there is no law that regulates them. Furthermore, it is imperative that you speak English if you wish to join this island. With the constant development of tourism and its historical past as a former British colony, mastering the language of Shakespeare is a sine qua non.

As far as your CV is concerned, thanks to the establishment of many international companies, there are no rules as such. However, it is not uncommon to see, in the manner of the English-speaking world, a CV written on two or three pages.

Administrative procedures :

The administrative procedures will depend on how long you stay on the island. For a stay of less than three months, European Union citizens do not need a visa. Your identity card or passport will suffice. If you plan to stay longer than three months, it will be necessary to contact the Immigration Office in order to be issued with an Alien Card, which is a residence permit. All you need is your identity card and proof of residence in France.

In order to work in Cyprus, it is necessary to obtain a work visa. To do so, you must go to the Civil Immigration Department with your work certificate, even if it is only for an internship. You will also need to provide the following documents:

- A photocopy of your identity card or passport and the original.

- Copy of criminal record

- Medical certificate with an attestation of non-seropositivity

- Proof of repatriation insurance

- The visa application form

- 25€ to pay the cost of the latter

Finding accommodation :

Once you've secured an internship in Cyprus, there is now the question of accommodation. If you are in the hospitality sector, most institutions offer accommodation to their trainees. However, if this is not the case, here are some tips for your search.

First of all, it is important to know that since the crisis, the supply of accommodation has often exceeded the demand, which makes it possible to offer advantageous rates. But the supply of studios is almost non-existent. So, you will have to turn to a larger apartment or to a flat share in order to find your cocoon. On average, a F2 will have a rent between 250 and 400€.

However, as most leases are for 2 years, an additional cost can be charged to the rent when it is a short term rental. Do not book on the Internet without having visited the property, the best is still to come on site a few days before the beginning of your internship to find directly on the island. Alternatively, you can also go through an agency.

In Cyprus, agency fees are paid directly by the owner, so don't miss this opportunity to help you in your search. Here is also a list of websites that will give you a first impression of the Cyprus property market:

- Just Landed, which lists real estate agencies

- In Cyprus Property

- Aloizou

You now have all the information you need to find a successful internship in Cyprus. If you need more information, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you. Discover all our internships in the category "internships" of the website !

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