Internship in barcelona: all you need to know

You like to move, enjoy life and you can’t live without sun? Barcelona is made for you!

If you are looking for an internship in Europe, Barcelona should be an interesting choice. Besides the long and prosperous history of Barcelona, there are a lot of opportunities for students who are looking for professional experiences. Considered as the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona is a very dynamic city between two stunning environments which are beaches and mountains and was  elected as the 24th most « livable city » in the world in 2015 according to the lifestyle magazine Monocle. Choosing the destination country for an internship can be sometimes tough and the better is to choose a place where you feel comfortable. Furthermore, the larger and the more attractive is the city, the more chances you have to find a position. Therefore, with the cosmopolitan, cultural and accessibility aspect of Barcelona, it should be your best choice.


Barcelona is not an affordable city, but if we compare it to other cities as Paris or London, you can save money. First, depending on the transportation mode that you will choose in order to go to your company, the budget is variable : for a trimester is on average 142€ but if you choose the Bicing subscription is 42,50€ for a year. Then, a lot of activities are free, as museums that are free some days of the week. Regarding housing and fooding, it really depends on your localization. For example, in Barcelona there are a few studio apartments and it makes it very expensive, around 900€ per months in downtown and 1300€ per month for an apartment with multiple rooms. Apartment-sharing is also developed and it is around 450€ per month. You can find all our advice on apartment-sharing in Barcelona here:

The best place to live...

  • Ciutat Vella – at the core of the city, Ciutat Vella is the cultural and historical neighborhood of Barcelona. Nearby you can find museums, galleries and all kind of shops. It’s also close to the beach and las Ramblas. An apartment in Ciutat Vella with a single room is around 1000-2000€ per month. 
  • Sants-Montjuïc – the Sants-Montjuïc neighborhood is full of parks as the Botanic Garden but you can also find the former sports installations of the Olympic Games: that’s a good choice if you like to do sport. An apartment in Sants-Montjuïc with a only room is around 900-1500€ per month.
  • Sant Martí – as the previous neighborhoods, Sant Martí is very active. Located under the Sants-Monjuïc hill, the buildings are moderns and there is an easy access to the beach. An apartment in Sant Marti with a only room is around 800-1200€ per month.

The best things to see...


  • Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi – The Sagrada Familia represents one of the most famous monuments in Spain. The building is part of a UNESCO Work Heritage Site and receives nearly more than 3 million visitors per year and was erected about 100 years ago. 


  • Font Magica Fountain – The magic Fountain of Montjuïc, designed by Carles Buïgas, was built in 1929. It’s one of the principal attractions of Barcelona, with lights, musics and water. 
  • Museo Picasso – The Picasso Museum highlights his major works and reveals the relationship between the painter and Barcelona. 


  • Las Ramblas – from the Plaza Catalunya until the Columbus monument, this street is full of shops, coffee shops, restaurants and bars. It is perfect for a break. 
  • Montjuïc Mountain – Located a little out of the city, the Montjuïc Mountain is the perfect place for a walk. At the top of a hill, this mountain offers an excellent view of Barcelona. 

For more information about unusual and unique places of Barcelona click here:

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