FAQ Students

Come & Go is an intermediary agency between student and companies. Our main goal is to help students find the best internship which fits the most your needs and propose their application to the company. If the company is interested, we will set up an interview with the company. We also help with the administrative procedure.

We are offering internships between 2 and 6 months in many fields : customer relationship, marketing, business development, HR, hospitality & tourism… You can find our offers in the category “INTERNSHIPS” of our website. Furthermore, we receive frequently new offers. Connect online regularly or activate the alarm which will send you an e-mail when a new offer is online.

Most of our internships are paid. The remuneration differs from the companies, but if you stay 2 months or 6 months, it will be the same. If an internship is not paid, the company offers benefit in kind such as meals or accommodation.

If you want to apply for an internship, you have several options. You can apply directly on the website via the button “LOGIN TO APPLY JOB”. You will create your personal space and we will receive your application. We will contact you then. You can also send an e-mail with your resume and the internship position you are interested at : comeandgo.eu@hotmail.com

Once we received your e-mail, we will contact you rapidly to organize an interview with you. During this Skype, we will ask to introduce yourself, in the language needed for the internship (English or Spanish), then we will discuss with you about the internship. If we have other offers that can match your needs as a student, we will also suggest you these one. After the interview, you will receive by e-mail all the internships positions discussed during this one.

It depends on our availabilities for the interview, your availabilities and the availabilities of the company. But once we received your application, the first interview with you is under 2 days. We wait your answer to know what internship you are interested in, and we make a second interview to speak with you about the company. Once you confirmed your wish to work with them, we contact the company in order to organize an interview between you and them. The answer of the company takes regularly 2 or 3 days. So if you are certain about the internship, the whole process can take 2 or 3 weeks maximum.

You can send your application for several internships but it is not possible to apply for all at the same time. We are proposing to companies one student per position. It means that if you are interested by more than one internship, we will ask you to do an order of preference or to choose the internship you seem the most interested in.

Once you told us what internship interests you the most, we organize with you a second interview. This Skype will allow you to ask all your questions, about the company, the internship or the life in the city. We also give you the website of the company so you can inform you about it. Then, you have 24 hours to tell us if you want or not to apply for the position. If you are still interested, we will also ask your availabilities in order to organize an interview between you and the company.

We will give you some advices to maximize your opportunity to succeed this interview. Then, the company will contact you according to your availabilities. This interview is mainly to evaluate your language level and to know you more. As we selected you before, we know that your student profile has many chances to draw attention to the recruiter. Then, the company gives us an answer about you rapidly.

If the company tells us that the team wants to hire you, then we are doing the internship agreement. We will provide you all the necessary information to fill it and we will transmit it to the company in order to get its signature.  

If the company told you yes for the internship, our fees depend on the duration of your internship. For an internship of 3 months or less, the fees are 400€. If the internship lasts 4 months, the fees are 450€. For 5 months, it is 500€. Finally, for 6 months it is 550€. These fees have to be paid 48 hours after reception of the bill by e-mail. You only need to pay them once and they are independent of your remuneration.

If the company notifies its willingness to take you for the internship and finally you don’t want to perform it, there are fees : 20% of the final amount that you originally have to pay. There are fees which cover the time we spent with your application and the time of the company.

If after your interview with the company this one tells us that the recruiter doesn’t want to take you, there are no fees. And then, we will propose you other internship positions which can fit your needs and will present your application to the company.

Once we received the fees payment, we will send you all the information in order to fill the internship agreement. We will send it to your company who will sign it. Once the internship agreement is signed by the three parties : you (the student), your school and the company, you just have to wait that your internship starts.

Currently, we have partnerships with estate agencies to find accommodation for student. We can propose an assistance during your search based on your budget, your criteria and the location of your internship. We also could realize visits of the accommodation for you. If you are interested by this service, you can contact us at : comeandgo.eu@hotmail.com

It will depend of the country of your internship. But if you are an European student and your internship takes place in an European countries, there is usually no need for a visa. The rest of the procedure depends of the country. But don’t worry, we will give you all the necessary information and the procedure to follow in order to have all the necessary documents during our Skype. Furthermore, if you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, we will answer to you as soon as possible.