FAQ Company

We are an intermediary agency between the students and the companies. We provide the recruitment of students for the internship positions that you offer.

We publish the job description on our website and on the different platforms that we use. When we receive resume from interested students, we conduct a first interview with the candidates who match your needs.  

According to your expectations, we only select candidates who have the perfect profile. Most of the time, they are studying in Business School (SKEMA, EM Lyon, KEDGE…) During the first interview, we ensure that the candidate requires the skills you are looking for and their languages levels.

After the first interview, we are making a second one to answer every questions of the student. We also introduce your company, what you are doing, and what exactly is the internship. Then, we are giving your website company so he could inquire about your activities. If he wants to work with you, then you could make an interview with him.

Before your interview with the candidate, he gave us his availabilities. We are communicate to you these availabilities in order to find a slot for the student and for you. Thanks to our first selection, we know that the candidate has the right profile for your company. Then, during this interview you can ask about his personality or his motivation but we checked before the compatibility.

You keep the final decision. If despite our selection, you estimate that the candidate doesn’t correspond to your needs, you can reject him. We will announce it to the student. If you decide to hire the student, no need to tell him directly. You communicate your decision to our team and we will notify the candidate.

The search and proposal of candidates is completed free of charge for companies. There are only fees for students. Nonetheless, by accepting our services, you are committed to give us all the necessary information for a proper search of candidates and to stick to the stated missions.  

If after the interview with the candidate, you are telling us that you don’t want to welcome the student in your company, there are no consequences. We will tell the student about your rejection and we will propose you new candidates. If once you have said yes to welcome the student, finally you don’t want to take him anymore, you are engaged among the candidate. Thus, you are responsible for his financial expenses : plane ticket if this one is already bought, Come & Go agency fees…

If once we gave your website to the student, this one contacts you, you are committed to inform us about this correspondence. If the student doesn’t want to pay our fees, then, you will have two possibilities : to cancel the internship or to collect our agency fees on his first salary.

During our dialogues, we will transfer you a work agreement. This one contains all your responsibilities so do ours. You have to sign the document to commit with us. The document engages you with us for one year and will be automatically reconducted. However, it is possible to break the work agreement if one of the parties wants to stop this partnership.