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Among all the destinations you could choose for your internship abroad, Puebla de los Ángeles is one of the most incredible places you could ever experience, the city of a thousand and one wonders…

Situated in Mexico, this city is one of the best places where to live the « Mexican experience » and to enjoy this amazing country. Just at the center of the country, really close to Mexico City, it looks like the best location to move around the country and discover it easily. Puebla is a lively city, culturally, artistically and humanly rich, at the crossroads of the largest states of Mexico, this city guarantees you a wonderful welcome in this beautiful Spanish-speaking country. 



Puebla is also characterised by its proximity to real volcans ! If you want to put some adventure during your experience abroad, you can visit the famed twin volcanoes of Mexico: Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl. These volcans can be visited outside but also inside, and are surrounded by Mexican legends. The most common tale relates the Nahua romance of  the princess Iztaccíhuatl and the warrior Popocatépetl.

The city is also well known in Mexico for its architectural style, so just get lost in the streets of Puebla and let the city transport you to the colorful and light world of Mexico. You could notice the Renaissance and Baroque architecture, really noticeable in the city center. And if you’re fond of Mexican art, go straight to the Museo Amparo. Opened in 1991, the museum now houses art pieces from pre-Hispanic art to modern days.

Museo Amparo, Avenida 2 Sur 708, Centro, Puebla, México

The Capilla del Rosario is the biggest chapel of the city, finished at the end of the 17th century. The walls of this beautiful chapel have Baroque paintings evoking the Nativity scenes and are clad with colourful tiles made in Puebla using the Talavera technique. The Cathedral, the Iglesia de Santa María Tonantzintla and the Zócalo de Puebla are also part of the cultural history of the city and definitely worth a visit.You can also take a walk in all the markets of the city, colourful and traditional, as the Parian Market, a permanent arts and crafts market. There you can encounter Mexican traditions and knowledge, see ceramics and visit the galeries of the artist quarter.

In Puebla you can find an incredible number of museums, parks, markets and monuments, just take a walk and enjoy !


Mexican food is unique and awesome, especially in Puebla which has its own specialities. The Mole Poblano represents the variety of its gastronomy, based on chicken. But be careful, because it can be surprising to be in front of a plate mixing chicken, rice, beans and a chili-chocolate flavour sauce ! But in the end it is sure you’ll like it, prepared in a typical restaurant or even by yourself. You can buy all the products in the Mercado del Carmen. If you don’t like Mole maybe you’ll prefer a typical Mexican dish: una quesadilla, which you can buy in another market, el Mercado de Cholula. You can’t go to Puebla without trying some special drinks as the Mexican mojito, el Menjul, or the Pasita, a popular liqueur made from a local raisin-esque fruit.

Last but not least, the Chiles en Nogada should delight you if you’re not afraid of some spicy flavours. Made of chiles poblanos, pomegranate seeds and shredded meat, this plate is Mexico in one dish.

Mexico is known as one of the better countries to do an exchange semester or an internship. Indeed, thousands of foreign students are reunited in all the biggest cities of the country as Puebla. Thanks to organisms as Integrate, you can live in a big house with roomies in the center of Puebla and experience the student life. These organisms are used to organising big parties, trips and events which will let you enjoy your stay in Puebla as much as possible. With the help of these organisms you will meet new people, discover the incredible country of Mexico and assist to big events. 

Even if you are in an internship you can enjoy the student life and keep time for fun and leisure next to the internship. You won’t live this adventure alone !

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