Discover Ireland for an internship

Among all the european destinations of Come & Go, Ireland should not be underestimated because of its well-known bad weather !

Come & Go went to the land of prairies and pubs to discover WHY our students absolutely have to do their internship abroad there! First of all do not forget that Ireland is an English speaking country: it is the best thing you could wish for your internship abroad. Doing an internship in English is very rewarding for the CV and for the personal experience: enough to come back bilingual! But Ireland is also a life experience, a country to discover. The Come & Go team is taking you with them to discover Ireland for an internship !

Crazy landscapes everywhere

Wind and water have shaped a unique landscape of 50 shades of green on this small island. This incredible dark green of Connemara must be seen once in a lifetime, in the midst of sheep and fresh Irish wind. The Irish landscape is huge, with stunning fields and meadows: it’s not a Caribbean beach, but it’s just as incredible and breathtaking.  In the middle of all this greenery, there are many different and beautiful lakes and mountains.

Of course you can visit the 10 must see Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland. The Portstewart Strand is one of the incredible sand beaches they used for their shoots. Downhill Beach is also breathtaking and unique: Above the beach is the prominent Mussenden Temple, one of the most photographed buildings in Northern Ireland.

The Dark Hedges is also one of the best places to visit in Ireland, even if you are not interested in Game of Thrones: one of the most photographed areas in Northern Ireland and a popular attraction for tourists from all over the world. This beautiful avenue of beech trees was planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century and intended to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to Gracehill House.

If the series chose the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland for its recordings, then why not you for your internship? 

Go on an adventure in the Irish meadows and breathe the fresh air of this fabulous country: you will discover a green that you can only find there! Green as far as the eye can see, meadows and cliffs, the beauty of the country surprises more and more every day.

The beautiful city of Dublin

If you want to discover Ireland for an internship, you have to read about Dublin because your internship would probably be there. Dublin has changed considerably over the last 5 years and is now one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. It is now still in a period of great change, driven by major technological advances, new forms of social participation and cultural expression. Jewel of Ireland, Dublin is a city full of life, pubs and young people. 

On every street corner there is a bar and you can hear Celtic music and see people dancing. Going to Dublin you will be able to discover the Temple bar, an old part of the city, full of pubs where you can have a beer or a glass of cider while listening to live music. All you have to do is walk down the street, listen and enter the pub that attracts you. Atmosphere guaranteed inside (and outside) ! Beer lovers will definitely want to check out the Guinness Storehouse, the home of Dublin’s legendary brew.

The city is full of secrets and beautiful places. Seven designated National Cultural Institutions are in the city such as the National Gallery of Ireland, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the National Concert Hall. The cathedrals of St. Patrick’s and Christ Church are one of these surprises, monuments of the city since almost 1 000 years. Dublin is also made of incredible harry potter-style libraries: beautiful and huge buildings such as Trinity College, with hundreds of shelves full of books and stories. 

Irish gastronomy

A big surprise for the traveller: discovering that the food is delicious in Ireland. Against all expectations, Dublin has become one of the gastronomic capitals of Europe. During a long time, Ireland was a poor country, especially during the « Great Famine » from 1845 to 1849. But things have changed over the past decades, and the country has developed its excellent but simple gastronomy. Indeed, in Ireland you can eat simple and good products as sausages and potatoes: that is what you can find in the Bangers and mash, a simple but excellent Irish plate, it is an example of pub grub, the kind of food you can eat in every pub of the country. Ireland is also the land of all dishes based on salmon, smoked, dried or filleted: it is a paradise for salmon lovers. Just make sure it’s fresh and local, it’s the guarantee of an unforgettable meal provided by Irish fishermen. Lamb from Connemara and Kerry, oysters from Galway, shrimps from Dublin Bay or good farm cheese: in Ireland we eat well! 

Convinced? Ireland has a lot to offer and promises plenty of breathtaking memories! The landscapes are magnificent, the food delicious and above all, there is a friendly atmosphere that is unmatched. 

Let yourself be tempted by the country of pubs and Celtic music and go abroad for an internship abroad with Come & Go! We hope you’d like this article “Discover Ireland for an internship” and con can now find all our paid offers in the  “internships” section.

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