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Costa Rica, a destination meant for you ?

Among all the destinations Come & Go offers, you can now fly to Costa Rica. Situated between Nicaragua and Panama, this small country is one of the most colourful and exotic places in the world. Let's discover what could be your next destination: discover Costa Rica ! is very much loved for its "big capital" side, its gastronomy, its elegant architecture, its culture and the predominance of fashion there. 

National parks everywhere

Costa Rica is well known for its incredible vegetation and nature, that is why there are a numerous number of national parks there. The exact meaning of the words "Costa Rica" is "Rich Coast". The country has been named this way to put forward the variety of its plants, animals and places. But in front of agriculture and industry, the government had no choice but to protect its "wealth" by creating national parks.  The purpose of these parks is to protect the fauna and flora of an area by restricting agriculture or industrial activity. Thanks to these parks Costa Rica has been able to preserve its species and therefore offers incredible places to visit.

First of all, you can’t miss the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. Situated on the Pacific coast, this big park preserve wild tropical forests, white sandy beaches and coral reefs. 

In addition, the Tortuguero National Park is really different and also really noteworthy.  This one is situated on the Caribbean coast and its beaches are famous nesting areas for various sea turtles, including endangered green turtles.

Last but not least, the Poàs National Park is also incredible to see for the presence of the Poàs volcano, still active and very often erupting. 

Of course these parks are not the only ones but are just really relevant. You can visit all the national parks of the country and discover a new environment: inhabited by caimans and colonies of Capuchin monkeys, made of mangroves, heavenly beaches and jungles. Your internship abroad could also be an incredible journey

Between Caribbean and Pacific

Costa Rica is a Central American country, located between the wonderful Caribbean Sea and the vast Pacific Ocean. These two big coasts offer a hundred of amazing beaches which could allow you to live real holidays during your trip, just relaxing and tanning on white sand or doing scuba-diving in incredible reefs.  

The province of Guanacaste is such a perfect place, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Your internship abroad could be punctuated by breaks on heavenly beaches, on the other side of the world. 

Among all the incredible beaches of the country, Costa Rica also inhabits one of the most beautiful rivers of the world. Indeed, the Rio Pacuara has the blue of the carribean sea, the white sand of the cuban’s beaches and the tropical weather of Costa Rica. You might think it’s not a river but yes, the Rio Pacuara follows the high mountains of Talamanca and makes its way in the heart of the virgin forest. 

Rafting on the Rio is an authentic and emotional adventure not to be missed during your stay, as well as to do scuba-diving in the Caribbean Sea. 

The animals Paradise

As mentioned above, Costa Rica has an incredible number of national parks. Of course, these parks were created to protect not only the country’s vegetation, but also all the species which live there. Every jungle trip is a magical experience, you can walk between a colorful toucan and a beautiful quetzal (blue bird) flying in the sky or perched on a tree branch.
Bird species are unique there and it is impossible to come to Costa Rica without seeing species that are unique in the world . But Costa Rica is not only made of birds, the country hosts four species of monkeys and five species of sea turtles. There are also many reptiles and amphibians such as the red-eyed tree frog, the crocodile or the green iguana. 

As you can understand, Costa Rica is an incredible paradise where doing an internship becomes a real travel experience.

The Costa Rican way of life

The best way to discover Costa Rica is to explore its culture. Its lifestyle defines the country, in addition to the beauty of its landscapes. Costa Rica is all about surfing at will, renting a 4×4 and discovering the territory by land, drinking local coffee, strolling in a market in San José or meditating. Costa Rica is all about “Pura Vida”. 

Life in Costa Rica has hundreds of surprises in store for you, so don’t wait any longer and go on an adventure for your next internship abroad with our offers of internship !

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